Fantasmata (‘Ghosts’ in Greek), is a work that explores the sound and rhythmic qualities of the Japanese language (i.e. heightened speech and chanting). The text, isolated words and short phrases taken from a short story The Mirror by the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, is the generative power for the entire piece. Each word is associated with a unique music section, tailored around the intrinsic rhythmic and acoustic properties of the text. The resulting textual/musical organisation, despite its loose logical connection, shapes a notional thread unified under the archetypal ideas of surprise, anxiety, fear or relief. Thus, Fantasmata is not just a descriptive work about ghosts, but a personal game of fugitive associations, both textual and musical.


First performance: 28 November 2007, Sapporo Kitara Concert Hall, Shonorities Ensemble.

Fantasmata (ensemble)

FANTASMATA (2007) for female voice, flute, violin, cello & piano. Duration: 14 minutes
  • Date:3rd August 2007
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    Music Score
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