Basil Athanasiadis’ work is original in terms of research and creative work which is on an area of study that has been neglected. The compositions are of a high technical level of accomplishment and are of an unusual and absorbing nature, revealing a true understanding of Japanese culture and a deeply-felt response to their traditions […]

In Basil’s works, melodies or harmonies often feel improvised however, if the performer misses even a single note, the listener can immediately tell the difference.

‘Air Still’ by Basil Athanasiadis is a beautiful, atmospheric composition. A solemn approach of great poetry …

In the creatively faultless CD “Clouds that I Like”, all five works included, feature elements of asymmetry, non‐teleological thematic relation, fragmentation, flexible space and use of noise, unveiling unbelievably rich, astounding almost otherworldly timbres.