Dream of a Butterfly III is the third piece of a cycle of works composed primarily for the purpose of instrumental demonstration. Being neither too simple nor too complex, neither too subdued nor too brilliant, the work stands on an expressive threshold that does not seem to fit fully into either Western or Eastern aesthetic frameworks. Although the work was composed in order to demonstrate certain aspects of the expressive and virtuosic potential of the piano, its writing limits the required virtuosity to the absolutely necessary. The various passages are bare from any unnecessary frills. Here speed and brilliance are of secondary importance as they derive naturally from the inner interpretative necessity for a convincing atmosphere. That renders the Dream of a Butterfly III to a large extend purposeless, artless and hence closer to the true spirit of wabi-sabi.

Dream of a Butterfly III (piano)

DREAM OF A BUTTERFLY III (2017) for piano. Duration: 11 minutes
  • Date:3rd January 2017
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    Music Score
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