The Dance of the Seven Veils is a music reflection on the way that veils of different texture and colour, move and interact with light. More precisely the work features seven types of movement and light attributes organised in short sections each featuring a different mood (‘stillness’, ‘slow swaying’, ‘regular swaying’, ‘irregular swaying’, ‘vivid movement’, ‘light through’ and ‘colourful’). These attributes are presented in an irregular order and often overlap to create a fluid continuity. The presence of number seven is also evident in the number of chosen instruments (2 vibraphones, 2 cymbals, 3 conga drums). Aesthetically, the work is part of a series of works featuring elements of Japanese aesthetics such as irregularity, quietness, unpredictability, non development and absence of logical coherence.


First performance: 8 May 2010, Canterbury Sounds New Festival, Julian Warburton, Simon Limbrick, Adrian Spillett.

Dance of the 7 Veils (percussion)

DANCE OF THE SEVEN VEILS (2010) for three percussionists. Duration: 10 minutes